POPIA is not rules-based, but principle-based – and compliance will  therefore be unique to each organisation. There are no fixed checklists or ‘certification of compliance’. POPIA is about data security and privacy, and about being responsible in respect of the personal information of others as you go about your business.

It impacts on all areas and aspects of the organisation and therefore all key managers should be involved in the various steps to get there: learning, planning, development, implementiation and monitoring.

 The document referred to below is aimed at providing practical guidance and structure for this journey, with specific focus on the compliance framework.   

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POPIA Practical Compliance

We have compiled a document outlining the recommended steps towards compliance and the various measures to focus on when developing and implementing a compliance framework. The document assumes a basic understanding of the provisions of POPIA (in particular the eight processing conditions) and some training on the topic.

Access and cost

The document comprises 13 pages with various tables, lists and infographics. [Copyright Griessel Consulting, all rights reserved.] It could be used as a checklist of sorts, but should be applied appropriately to each organisation's own unique information environment.

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The cost is R450 (excl VAT)

Upon receipt of proof of payment, the link and a unique password to access the online document, will be provided. 


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