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Judith Griessel has been involved in employment law for more than two decades and has given legal advice, practical guidance and training to many employers and employees during this time.

The changing workplace, the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the growing Gig-economy brought the realisation that there would soon be many more people who would work as freelancers or start their own business, especially in South Africa. They will need advice, resources, knowledge, skills and training which will not necessarily be provided to them by a corporate employer.  

While information is nowadays freely available to anyone with a mobile phone, information without context and practical application, is just noise. For information to be relevant, it needs to be transformational and should actually solve real problems. The training and coaching provided by Judith are based on many years of dealing with workplace conflict and legal challenges, as well as experience in facilitating training workshops and developing training material. Online courses cannot replace one-on-one consultation on specific issues, but it can be used to put information in context, to explain legal requirements simply, and to translate all of this into practical processes that have been tried and tested. 

This focus of this platform is on providing legal insights, training and practical tools to a broader group of people and to make expertise and practical guidance accessible without the hefty fees that are normally attached to it. Traditional employment issues are covered, particularly with a view to strengthen the ER-skills of managers and HR practitioners. In addition, however, attention is given to addressing the legal risks around being self-employed, freelancing or handling staff issues as an entrepreneur in a start-up business. 

While our particular focus is on South African labour law and employment relations, we also want to explore adding further value by collaborating with experts in related fields such as recruitment, human resources, professional etiquette, soft skills and more. There are many areas relating to 'working' where expert guidance makes all the difference, especially to the upcoming generations.

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