Explaining Poor Performance in the workplace



By Judith Griessel

Frustrated because the work does not get done? Don't know what to do about it?
You are on your way to accessing information that will demystify poor work performance and explain how to approach it in a practical way.

Poor work performance is a hot topic for many reasons. Mainly because it is not understood and therefore not handled as it should be.

This mini-course has 5 video lessons (between 5-13 minutes each) with slides and animated graphics narrated by Judith Griessel, who is an experienced labour law specialist and trainer. 

You will get step-by-step explanations and practical advice about how to get to the bottom of workplace poor performance, and the legal options for dealing with it in terms of South African labour law.

These valuable principles and practical tips are yours absolutely FREE, to mark the launch of the HelpingYouKnow training platform. This offer is valid for a limited period.

What is Poor Work Performance

Understanding the different types of poor performance.

Investigating the cause

How to investigate in order to determine the nature of the poor performance. 

Doing something about it

Deciding on the way forward and choosing the right process to follow in terms of the law.


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