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Tackling the difficult part of people management - handling conflict, legal compliance and dispute resolution

The aim of this page is to educate and empower - sharing information, but also advising you how to use it to solve and avoid typical workplace problems. Understanding why you should do something in a certain way to avoid problems in the future,  is so much more useful than to settle for mere tick-box compliance. 

You can read up on a variety of labour law topics; download free documents with basic information; or if you want more substantial and practical training, you can opt for the paid documents or our online training courses.  

We are in the process of categorising all of the available material, so that you will also be able to go directly to your area of interest.


Employment Relations in South Africa is a dynamic field. There are constant changes to contend with: new legislation, new case law and new players. It is also not just about labour law - the employer of today has to take into account a plethora of other laws that impact on the workplace and management of the workforce.

It is not realistic to expect business owners or management to know all of this - but they need to know enough to recognise risks and red flags. We have a fair idea, after 25 years in the field, of the typical employment problems and other legal risks organisations have to deal with. The training, information and tools provided here are the result of this practical experience, combined with legal expertise - aimed at helping employers to pre-empt, navigate and resolve these situations.  

If this is what you are looking for, take some time and explore this Page. Be sure to check back regularly, as further items will be added as we grow the platform. 



We provide specialised documents and training courses about the finer points of labour law and how to practically deal with employment issues. The online training courses are on rotation, so not everything is available all of the time. Click on our STORE tab for more details.

Training documents about dealing with various employment issues are available for download in Pdf format from  our affiliated site (helpingyouwork.com). The topics are listed on a separate page when you click on the 'Documents' Card below. 

There are unpaid (file-share) as well as paid (store) documents. and you will be automatically linked to the specific document by clicking on the topic of your choice. For control purposes, you may be required to sign up (for free) to that site in order to get access and to see the details of the document you are interested in.

Our online Training Courses are available on a rotational basis. Announcements about new courses will be published in our newsletter and on social media, and Course Cards will appear below.

First-time training subscribers will be required to sign up for membership on the product page in order to get access to their library and the course material.  


A compilation of some of the best articles that are published about Employment Law in South Africa. This smart list is added to regularly and will automatically update here. 

Practical labour law - articles by Griessel Consulting

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