Useful information about employment (South Africa)



Please note that the information provided here is general in nature and intended as quick references to frequently asked questions about employment in the South African context.

References to terms and conditions of employment are based on the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and aimed at the Private Sector. It does not cover industry-specific arrangements or the public sector. 


These documents cover questions often asked by employees. Click on any topic below and follow the prompts to sign up for access.

Contract of employment - basics

Are you employed if you never signed a contract? Must your employer give you a contract or anything in writing when you start work? Here are answers to these questions and more.


Can your employer refuse to accept your resignation? Must it be in writing? What happens if you change your mind later? How much notice must you give?

Find out here what you need to know.

Verifying qualifications

New legislation makes it a criminal offence to lie about your qualifications.

Employers are also now legally obligated to authenticate an applicant's qualifications prior to appointment.


Minimum leave entitlements in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave, maternity leave and parental leave. 

Obligations of employees

Employees are often unaware of the impact of the South African common law on the employment relationship. Employees are automatically subject to certain duties and obligations towards their employer that are implied in any employment relationship. Breach thereof can have severe consequences in terms of an employee's continued employment.

Equal pay

The principle of equal pay does not mean that employees who do the same work must necessarily be paid the same amount. It just means that if there is difference, it may not be for an unfair reason.


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