Covid-19 and UIF benefits explained

Apr 06, 2020

UPDATED: 14 April 2020

South Africa has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by instituting various containment measures, including a period of compulsory lockdown.

During the compulsory lockdown period, no employees may present themselves at the workplace, however -

  • Exempted from this prohibition are employees, whose job functions have been determined to be essential services, or supporting essential services, or as otherwise permitted in terms of Government Regulations
  • Where the job functions of any employee allow and the employer has work available, employees may work remotely.
  • Where employees cannot work remotely or there is no work available, employees will not work at all. In terms of the principle of “no work, no pay”, employees who do not work, are not entitled to any remuneration.

There is however at least a moral duty on employer to assist employees to survive during the period of lockdown.  Large employers have been urged by the President to continue...

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